Recipe Round-Up: 6 Cool Recipes for the Texas Heat

Summer may be over but the heat has yet to subside. And when it comes to low-heat/no-heat recipes, there’s more than just salad. Stay cool with these delicious yet easy recipes.

  1. Malaga Gazpacho

    malaga-gazpachoThis unusual, tomato–less gazpacho from kitchn is as smooth and satisfying as it is refreshing. Get the recipe from Kitchn

  2. Cold Fruit Sushi with Honey Dipping Sauce

    sushi style fruit salad recipe, summer recipes, cold recipesPut a new twist on this summer classic by serving it Japanese style. Get the recipe from Martha Stewart

  3. Avocado Feta Dip

    avocado feta dip, summer recipes, cold recipesRefreshing and healthy – this colorful dip will delight your tastebuds. Get the recipe from

  4. Open-Faced Tuna & Fennel Sandwiches

    open faced tuna sandwich, summer recipes, cold recipesCold, crunchy and full of flavor. This protein packed modern sandwich satisfies without weighing you down. Get the recipe from RealSimple

  5. Cucumber Cream Cheese-Stuffed Cherry Tomatoes

    cream cheese stuffed cherry tomatoes, cold recipes, no-heat recipesThese bite-sized bits will disappear quickly at the neighborhood BBQ. Get the recipe from Taste of Home

  6. Pineapple Poppy Slaw

    pineapple yogurt coldslaw, no-heat recipes
    This sweet & tangy twist is a lighter version of traditional slaw. Get the recipe from Delish

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What is your favorite no-heat or low-heat recipe? Share with us in the comments.